8 Bad Work Habits That Can Ruin Your Career

1 Not promoting your own work
2 Getting defensive
3 Making rash decisions
4 Not being assertive
5 Being too negative
6 Lying
7 Being chronically disorganized
8 Not learning new technology

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People judge you by the words you use

People judge you by the words you use. It makes me scared, worried, and inspired. My posts here bear witness to my English skill.


Tips for how to be Articulate (

  • Keep up to date with current events and know your history. This is not mandatory, but assists in intelligent conversation. What use is your speaking ability if you have nothing to speak about?
  • Know the difference between sounding articulate and just trying to sound educated. Using big words = educated. Using words that everyone understands = articulate. Adding unassociated statistics = educated. Knowing the small details of your position = articulate.
  • If you are incapable of anything regarding articulation such as, can’t eliminate verbal pauses, can’t think before you speak, have a weak vocabulary, can’t speak without slang or vulgarities etc. DO NOT DESPAIR! By simply reading aloud any professional writing such as a book, newspaper, or article you can instantaneously possess all the aforementioned qualities an articulate speaker should have!
    • The key to becoming an independent articulate speaker however, is to look up words and correct pronunciation for which you are unfamiliar with, and to refine your pronunciation as you go along reading aloud more often. Just like physical exercise you’ll notice your voice gaining strength and through practice your brain will become accustomed to speaking articulately. Training your voice can be fun just as any artist can develop and hone a unique style, but know knowledge and consistency are king. By reading aloud you’ll strengthen your voice and gain knowledge at the same time! There are great role-models, but in the end you have to put in the effort! Either through conversation or by reading aloud, PRACTICE.
  • If you find it difficult to stop saying ‘um’ etc out loud, try thinking the word instead.
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这本书的英文名字是:My Sweet orange Tree

泽泽是一个5岁的小孩子,在家里那么的淘气,做一些淘气的坏事情, 在学校却是一个很乖很乖的小孩子。他的生日是圣诞节,在自己生日的时候期待的是生日礼物和圣诞礼物。在什么也没有得到的那一刻,他说了一句“有个没钱的爸爸真惨”,却被爸爸听见了。他很内疚,于是拎起了擦鞋箱,走到大街上去擦皮鞋,用赚了的钱给爸爸买了香烟。这是一个多么懂事的孩子!他才5岁!



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Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04

Install google pinyin in Ubuntu 16.04
1. Command line: sudo apt-get install fcitx-googlepinyin
2. System settings -> Language support -> Keyboard input method system, change to fcitx.
3. Log out log in
4. At top right, click the penguin icon -> Text entry setting
5. Click +
6. Search ‘Google’, find ‘Google Pinyin (Fcitx)’
7, Use ‘Ctrl+space’ to switch between input methods

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You and Your Research

Excerpt from

Question: Would you compare research and management?

Hamming: If you want to be a great researcher, you won’t make it being president of the company. If you want to be president of the company, that’s another thing. I’m not against being president of the company. I just don’t want to be. I think Ian Ross does a good job as President of Bell Labs. I’m not against it; but you have to be clear on what you want. Furthermore, when you’re young, you may have picked wanting to be a great scientist, but as you live longer, you may change your mind. For instance, I went to my boss, Bode, one day and said, “Why did you ever become department head? Why didn’t you just be a good scientist?” He said, “Hamming, I had a vision of what mathematics should be in Bell Laboratories. And I saw if that vision was going to be realized, I had to make it happen; I had to be department head.” When your vision of what you want to do is what you can do single-handedly, then you should pursue it. The day your vision, what you think needs to be done, is bigger than what you can do single-handedly, then you have to move toward management. And the bigger the vision is, the farther in management you have to go. If you have a vision of what the whole laboratory should be, or the whole Bell System, you have to get there to make it happen. You can’t make it happen from the bottom very easily. It depends upon what goals and what desires you have. And as they change in life, you have to be prepared to change. I chose to avoid management because I preferred to do what I could do single-handedly. But that’s the choice that I made, and it is biased. Each person is entitled to their choice. Keep an open mind. But when you do choose a path, for heaven’s sake be aware of what you have done and the choice you have made. Don’t try to do both sides.

Question: How important is one’s own expectation or how important is it to be in a group or surrounded by people who expect great work from you?

Hamming: At Bell Labs everyone expected good work from me – it was a big help. Everybody expects you to do a good job, so you do, if you’ve got pride. I think it’s very valuable to have first-class people around. I sought out the best people. The moment that physics table lost the best people, I left. The moment I saw that the same was true of the chemistry table, I left. I tried to go with people who had great ability so I could learn from them and who would expect great results out of me. By deliberately managing myself, I think I did much better than laissez faire.

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Mobile Application Development (4) – Native App

There are some references about tutorials,  examples and source code. Reading it by order  will give you some confidence.

1 Make your first Android App:

2 Build an application in 6 steps:

3 Map Support :

My Map Location

Very useful for checking the map:

4 Android Coding

5  Android Code Path

6  Refer from (stackoverflow) All of the applications delivered with Android (Calendar, Contacts, Email, etc) are all open-source, but not part of the SDK. The source for those projects is here: (look at /platform/packages/apps). I’ve referred to those sources several times when I’ve used an application on my phone and wanted to see how a particular feature was implemented.

7  Android examples:

How to use the sample code in Android–mobile-12528

8  Exampes classified by different categories

9 Android developer website (



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