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setup hbase cluster with two nodes

Follow what it is said in the link, it is simple to set up the HBase environment.
But pay attention that before start hbase, make sure hadoop ,zookeeper are running. Mention that because of the java version conflict, the hadoop nodes cannot run up at the same time. So please check the webpage of hadoop health to make sure there are 2 living nodes. Then start the hbase.

Pay attention to : the hostname so, check the /etc/hosts. Because if there is some problem, the file system will act weird.

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set up hadoop with two nodes

There are some points to pay attention:
1 change all the configuration file for both master and slave. core-site.xml, mapreduce.xml

2 pay attention to firewall, use sudo ufw status, to check whether there is a firewall.

3 For the namenode format, only performance it in master node. Because slave node is pointing to the master node hdfs url.

4 check java version, operating system version. They have the same version of java otherwise master and slave will synchronise very slowly.

5 Pay attention to ssh, the best way is to ssh-keygen in all nodes, and cat the public key to authorized_key and copy this file to all nodes. Make sure all authorized_keys contains all machines information in all nodes.

6 Make sure the /etc/hosts, delete , this will cause the “getProcolversion….” error.

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