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Remote Connect with VNC (Ubuntu & Windows)

There would be two parts. The first one is to connect Ubuntu in Windows; the second part is to connect Windows in Ubuntu.

  • Connect Ubuntu in Windows

One way is to use vnc4server in Ubuntu side, and UltraVNC in windows side. In this way, you have to deal with two things: one is the “cannot type d because of the default keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu”, the other one is the Terminator (my favorite terminal) cannot run well. And another thing is that you should adjust the screen resolution by yourself.

The other way is to use xrdp in Ubuntu side, and remote desktop client in windows side. I love this way because there is less error. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

sudo apt-get install xrdp
  • Connect Windows in Ubuntu
  • Tricky Things

Cannot type “d” with the remote console

  1. Go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts;
  2. Select the row Hide all normal windows and set focus to the desktop;
  3. Press Alt+D or any other combination;
  4. Kill your current vncserver connection by vncserver -kill :1;
  5. Restart it by vncserver :1;
  6. Re-connect it from your VNC client.


1 Connect to Ubuntu via Windows Remote Desktop

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Spring Web Framework

A good blog for introduction


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HBase Conference 2012 – HBase in Real time

  1. Real time Analytics with HBase
  2. Large Scale Performance Monitoring
  3. Scaling Massive ElasticSearch Clusters
  4. HBase Real-Time Analytics & Rollbacks via Append-based updates
  5. Cloudera Video Section :
  6. Low Latency “OLAP” with HBase
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Master Heritrix1&3

I just collected bench of blogs which can help the new learner catch up.

  • Source code analysis

源代码解析(inbound and outbound)

Heritrix3 新特性:

  •   Run your first job (使用教程系列)

Please pay attention to how to configure the profile.


1 利用Heritrix构建特定站点

2 Heritrix3 快速运行你的第一个爬行程序

3 Heritrix 使用心得

4 HTMLParser

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Let’s have a close look at the CouchDB. Especially the views.
1 Introduction of Views
2 HTTP Views API
3 View Snippets
4 There is a blog for CouchDB Views

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