How to prepare Presentation effectively

14 Sep

I am not good at presentation, and I always get nervous from the moment I am informed that I should give a presentation. Whenever I am told to present something, the whole week before the presentation gets messy. Obviously, it is not right. I absolutely have to sit down and think about it.

So this time, I decided to find the root cause. I spent a whole week in preparing a presentation, and I observed myself. I realized that it took me four days to prepare the slides. And the first version of slides was finished in midnight on the fourth day, the deadline I made by myself.

Is it called as Procrastination? I don’t think so because I did not delay the work. The problem is I cannot do it in an efficient way. I started to recall what I did in the last three days.

I started the preparation one week earlier. I first listed a lots of questions for the content I should present, and then I started to find the answers. I googled them with several combination of key words, read lots of articles, and downloaded and read several papers. This step took me three days. Why did I want to do this? Because I wanted to explain what I want to say. Because I was worried that I could not include all possible cases. Because I was afraid that I could not totally convince everyone. The inertia of debating leaded me to collect as much information as possible. I totally suffered the excess collection of evidence.

Basically, I got the mistake of Perfect. I wanted to make a perfect slides, so I started and explored all questions I can think about and tried to answer them. At the last minute, Reference [2] saved me and pulled me back. “Accept that there’s no such thing as a perfect presentation“.

Therefore, I got the lesson. There is no perfect presentation. No one can make a perfect presentation at the first version. You cannot convince everyone with your little work. But what you have to do is to explain it as clear as possible with the presentation. Your presentation can be improved in the process of practice. Nervousness can be overcome by well preparation. Notes and practicing can also help you trim your ideas. So the first version of slides cannot spend you two hours. Most of the time should be spent in the iteration of practicing and slides.

1 How to make an effective PowerPoint Presentation

2 How to save time preparing a presentation

3 Prepare Presentation Advice

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