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Patterns and Workflow for smarter applications in Cloud

These days, I have been thinking about how to make the applications in the cloud smarter, and how to make the application development smarter. My rough idea is to make the component as a service, and make the business workflow as benches of patterns/plans, and make the business process management as pattern/plan management. All functions requirements listed in the document can be written as a workflow of services (Yes, “Workflow”). As we all know, each function is called in one user story or many. And, each story is a process involving benches of services calling. Hence, the application system would be consisted of component services, service plans, and work flow management. Surely, there should be lots of challenges, and the eminent one is the data management side.

And I am attracted by Amazon Simple Workflow Service. It provides a framework for the workflow management. Moreover, I would like to cite the words from “Advances in Clouds”, which are

For example, execution of distributed business processes (Business-Process-as-aService), i.e. composite services above the SaaS-layer may lead to significantly faster adoption. Notably, federation may impact on the pricing / business model (in terms of competition etc.)

These motivate me to do some searches with the key word “pattern, workflow”. And I found papers close to this idea as followed. Later on, I need to write up a literature review. But, at this moment, I’d like to record these valuable resources.

1 ” Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud computing”. Technical Report No. UCB/EECS-2009- 28, University of California at Berkley

2 “Planning as a Service: A Plan Repository Model Inspired by Cloud Computing”, Khawaja Shams1, Paul Wolgast2, David Mittman3, Tom Soderstrom, NASA Laboratory

3 “Scientific Workflows and Provenance: Introduction and Research Opportunities”, Víctor Cuevas-Vicenttín · Saumen Dey · Sven Köhler, Sean Riddle · Bertram Ludäscher, University of California

4 Amazon Simple Workflow Service

5 Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform

6 “Advances in Clouds”

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