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Mobile Application Development (4) – Native App

There are some references about tutorials,  examples and source code. Reading it by order  will give you some confidence.

1 Make your first Android App:

2 Build an application in 6 steps:

3 Map Support :

My Map Location

Very useful for checking the map:

4 Android Coding

5  Android Code Path

6  Refer from (stackoverflow) All of the applications delivered with Android (Calendar, Contacts, Email, etc) are all open-source, but not part of the SDK. The source for those projects is here: (look at /platform/packages/apps). I’ve referred to those sources several times when I’ve used an application on my phone and wanted to see how a particular feature was implemented.

7  Android examples:

How to use the sample code in Android–mobile-12528

8  Exampes classified by different categories

9 Android developer website (



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Mobile Application Development (3) –HTML5,CSS &javascript

1 javascript

2 HTML 5

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Mobile Application Development (2)

1 Setup Development Environment for Andriod native app development

  • JDK + Eclipse + Android development plugin
  • Install Andriod SDK, then install the others with Andriod SDK manager.
  • Configure Andriod SDK Location in Eclipse: Windows->preference
  • Set Android Virtual Device.: Windows->AVD

2 Technologies


3 learning Materials

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Mobile Application Development (1)

This page is to introduce the applications in Mobile Development.

1 不严格的讲,这里有两种app:native app 和web app

  • App运行速度更快
  • App可以更省带宽
  • App支持离线操作
  • App访问本地资源
  • App可以去中心化
  • Web部署成本很低
  • Web学习成本很低
  • Web跨平台和终端

2 有一个很值得推荐的的slide介绍了很多种app的开发优缺点


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iSCSI related

1 How to install iSCSI initiator in win2003  with a configuration file. Refer to

2 how to do ISCSI development

3 The NICs configuration:

3 ISCSICLI Commands

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