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How to install Ganglia and Nagois on Ubuntu


There are some problems besides these huge documents and experience trace for Ganglia installation, so I will list them as well as the solutions.

1 There is a blog for how to install Ganglia on Ubuntu

Sometimes, you spent a lot of time to figure out how to install something, but when you found that it is so simple when you follow other’s guide. You will feel how import the blog is.

How to monitor Hadoop and HBase with Ganglia in Amazon EC2. (***)

2 Nagois

  • Install Nagios

    Find and follow the instruction in the user manual to install it. It is easy to get it. Therefore, you can download it and the user manual to install it. Or you can follow this link, but I’ve not verified this link yet.

  • Nagios plugins

It provides a framework, so users should write plugins by themselves and register them into Nagios.  A very useful link for how to write and register a plugin

  • Trends, Map, hist missing(CGI cannot show up)

Best guess is that you did not install gd library. Please run the following command to install it. THIS IS also mentioned in the install guide. Please pay attention to that.  “ubuntu 7.10 and later it asks you to install this:

sudo apt-get install libgd2-xpm-dev
1 run the above command.
2 reinstall nagios, make sure with ROOT, Solution: Reference [5]
   #make devclean
   # ./configure –with-gd-lib=/usr/lib –with-gd-inc=/usr/include
   #./configure –with-command-group=nagcmd
   # make all; make install; make install-init; make install-config; make install-commandmode; make install-webconf
  • Nagiosgrapher

This can be installed and provides better grapher. But I did not get it through.

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