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Book : Audrey Hepburn

This book was written by the son of Hepburn. It records lots of slices of Hepburn’s life. There are lots of points which impresses me a lot. Here, I only want to record two of them which I need to remember and learn.

1 Know what you can do and cannot do.

It is a critical part in everyone’s life to know what you cannot do. One cannot make everything perfect, while he/she can make one thing excellent at least. You want to do everything, and sometimes you think you can do everything. Therein, you just give yourself a high pressure, which is good. But when you become anxious when you cannot handle all of them  in parallel, you should remember that time and tell yourself that the life is just a pot which has fixed size each time period. At this moment, the pot is not big enough for you to load that much, but you can enlarge it gradually and believe that you can make it at some time in the near future. Hence, concentrating yourself on what you can do and improving yourself a little bit every day is the basis.

2 She did not regret, because she knew people who she loved love her as well.

This is a different point of view about happiness, or I have to say it is an extension. Some philosophers say that the happiness is from yourself not depending on anyone else. From my understanding, this point is to say, if you love people, and you also know the people also love you, you will be happier. This is also proved that it is always nice to hear that someone like you.

In this world, we live alone, but in the meantime, you live with others. Your own actions and the interactions constitute each day. It couldn’t be better that you are happy meanwhile you make others happy. That is the ultimate goal I am pursuing for.

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Book: Mindfulness for Dummies

This book is very useful to me. Thanks Fan Xie’ recommendation. I will continue this post with my reading progress.

Here, I just want to excerpt some points I think it is very important to me:

1 Mindfulness can improve productivity.

To be mindful, you usually need to do one thing at a time. When walking, you just walk. When listening, you just listen. When writing, you just write. By practicing formal and informal meditation, you are training your brain. You are training it to pay attention with mindful attitudes like kindness, curiosity and acknowledgement.

You can train attention, just as you can train your biceps in a gym. Meditation is gym for the mind.

2 Overcoming Challenges

  You are running to achieve goals so that you can be peaceful and happy, but actually you are running away from the peace and happiness. Mindfulness is an invitation to stop running and rest.

3 Calming the Mind

  If you are anxious, you may just block your understanding. A martial arts student went to his teacher and said earnestly, “I’m devoted to studying your martial system. How long will it take me to master it?” The teacher’s reply was casual, ‘Ten years.’ Impatiently, the student answered, “But I want to master it faster than that. I’ll work very hard. I’ll practise every day, ten or more hours a day if I have to. How long will it take then?” The teacher thought for a moment and replied, “Twenty years.”

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People judge you by the words you use

People judge you by the words you use. It makes me scared, worried, and inspired. My posts here bear witness to my English skill.


Tips for how to be Articulate (

  • Keep up to date with current events and know your history. This is not mandatory, but assists in intelligent conversation. What use is your speaking ability if you have nothing to speak about?
  • Know the difference between sounding articulate and just trying to sound educated. Using big words = educated. Using words that everyone understands = articulate. Adding unassociated statistics = educated. Knowing the small details of your position = articulate.
  • If you are incapable of anything regarding articulation such as, can’t eliminate verbal pauses, can’t think before you speak, have a weak vocabulary, can’t speak without slang or vulgarities etc. DO NOT DESPAIR! By simply reading aloud any professional writing such as a book, newspaper, or article you can instantaneously possess all the aforementioned qualities an articulate speaker should have!
    • The key to becoming an independent articulate speaker however, is to look up words and correct pronunciation for which you are unfamiliar with, and to refine your pronunciation as you go along reading aloud more often. Just like physical exercise you’ll notice your voice gaining strength and through practice your brain will become accustomed to speaking articulately. Training your voice can be fun just as any artist can develop and hone a unique style, but know knowledge and consistency are king. By reading aloud you’ll strengthen your voice and gain knowledge at the same time! There are great role-models, but in the end you have to put in the effort! Either through conversation or by reading aloud, PRACTICE.
  • If you find it difficult to stop saying ‘um’ etc out loud, try thinking the word instead.
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How to prepare Presentation effectively

I am not good at presentation, and I always get nervous from the moment I am informed that I should give a presentation. Whenever I am told to present something, the whole week before the presentation gets messy. Obviously, it is not right. I absolutely have to sit down and think about it.

So this time, I decided to find the root cause. I spent a whole week in preparing a presentation, and I observed myself. I realized that it took me four days to prepare the slides. And the first version of slides was finished in midnight on the fourth day, the deadline I made by myself.

Is it called as Procrastination? I don’t think so because I did not delay the work. The problem is I cannot do it in an efficient way. I started to recall what I did in the last three days.

I started the preparation one week earlier. I first listed a lots of questions for the content I should present, and then I started to find the answers. I googled them with several combination of key words, read lots of articles, and downloaded and read several papers. This step took me three days. Why did I want to do this? Because I wanted to explain what I want to say. Because I was worried that I could not include all possible cases. Because I was afraid that I could not totally convince everyone. The inertia of debating leaded me to collect as much information as possible. I totally suffered the excess collection of evidence.

Basically, I got the mistake of Perfect. I wanted to make a perfect slides, so I started and explored all questions I can think about and tried to answer them. At the last minute, Reference [2] saved me and pulled me back. “Accept that there’s no such thing as a perfect presentation“.

Therefore, I got the lesson. There is no perfect presentation. No one can make a perfect presentation at the first version. You cannot convince everyone with your little work. But what you have to do is to explain it as clear as possible with the presentation. Your presentation can be improved in the process of practice. Nervousness can be overcome by well preparation. Notes and practicing can also help you trim your ideas. So the first version of slides cannot spend you two hours. Most of the time should be spent in the iteration of practicing and slides.

1 How to make an effective PowerPoint Presentation

2 How to save time preparing a presentation

3 Prepare Presentation Advice

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From not taking photo

I will write this down in English in white and black, because I want to shame myself if I cannot carry out what I write today and I want to open myself to everyone not only the Chinese.

Today, there was a fire alarm in the ATH building, so we were forced to go out. People gathered together and talked to each other in groups. I just met a new student and started to talk to her. Then one of my classmates came in. We three began chatting with research project things. Then I realized I could not remember my classmate’s name, which embarrassed me so much. And I started to recall his name. At the same time, a large group consisting of students and professors appeared. They were preparing for taking photos together. I just felt someone was calling us, but I did not response. Why didn’t I answer and participate?

I was entangled with this question after I came back to the office. I told it to my friend. Because I wanted her help me analyze it. I wanted to figure out the reason why I neither response nor take photo. Actually, I really want to take a photo with others, especially with professors, even more with my supervisors. I even dreamed before that I got a picture with her, in which we were arm-in-arm, smiling. And yet I gave up a chance.

I got a talk with my friend:

Friend: If you were alone, would you go there?
Me : I think I would.
Friend: But you did not tell other two people that you want to go.
Me : No, I didn’t.
Friend: OK. Some people don’t like social thing. They think it is hard for them. So they want to avoid the hard thing. People always want to stay in a comfortable area. You refused at that time, which means feel comfortable if you did not go.
Me : But I am sure I would be happy if I did, while now I am not happy. And I think I should be the one who was in the picture rather than looking at it. Just I cannot find the reason now. Maybe you are right, at that time I tended to stay in a comfortable area.

I started to run on the treadmill. Meanwhile, I kept on thinking of it, because I cannot stop before I came round.

I realized that I was a contradiction. There are two me: one speaks in Chinese, and the other one speaks in English. They have the different languages, and they have the totally different characteristics. The Chinese body is talk-tive, humorous sometimes, have strong confidence, like to do everything, like to accept everything, can control everything. While, the English body is very introverted, unconfident, extremely shy, escape talking, escape people, cannot control emotion. I don’t like the English body, and I hate it very much. It is not me. But it is really a part of me now.

And the key difference between the two bodies is the language. The Chinese body has the professional language level, while the English body has the high-school language level. I feel shamed with my high-school language level, so the English body has always poor performance. I am always following the principle that I should be confident and be sure of what I am going to speak before I speak it out. I am always telling myself that I should be sure to demonstrate my best before I do it. So I don’t want to show up when I have to be the English body. I am always considering that I am not ready to demonstrate myself in English, I am not ready to talk with people in English, and I am not ready to socialize with people in English. As the English body, I cannot find myself a comfortable place because I have no confidence in everything. And it definitely means I am escaping things.

Speaking to this, I have to expose the truth and confront it. It is the problem of English. Since 2008, I have told myself that English is your weakness and you have to get over it if you want to go further. After three years, I found English was still my weakness, because I would rather do coding stuffs overnight than learn English.
So in order to push myself, I decided to go for another degree at abroad. I think this time; I have to practice English, because I am in English-speaking country. But the fact is that I did a lot of ridiculous things in the beginning and I felt a lot of pressure. Then when I only focused on projects, I feel comfortable. So again I am attracted by projects and coding stuffs. Maybe someone will say “it is very good that you like coding!”, but I would say coding now is a poison for me. It is like the hard drug that makes me sink and lost. I cannot rescue myself.

Now and here, I have to make a commitment to myself. I have to direct myself into right way.
I want to take photos with others, go! CASCON is the destination.
I want to talk to people, then go! Every day, speak one more sentence than yesterday in English.
I want to make myself confident and comfortable in English, Practice! Every day!

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曾经多少次跌倒在路上, 曾经多少次折断过翅膀



就像穿行在无边的狂野, 拥有挣脱一切的力量


曾经多少次失去了方向 ,曾经多少次扑灭了梦想



就像穿行在无边的旷野, 拥有挣脱一切的力量


我想要怒放的生命, 就像矗立在彩虹之巅

就像穿行在璀璨的星河, 拥有超越平凡的力量


曲调:1=B 4/4

Bm D Em Bm

Bm            D
Em            Bm
Bm            D
Em            D   D

D    D
Bm       Bm
G           A

Bm            D
Em            Bm
Bm            D
Em            D   D

D    D
Bm       Bm
G           D
D    D
Bm       Bm
G           D


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我是一个很怕离别的人,从我刚进入IBM,第一个跟我说“再见”的是美国的一个同事,他离我很遥远,但是当时我就很心痛,不 知道怎么了,就是觉得一起工作地挺愉快了,然后就要离开了!我不能接受,也不能理解,当时跟manager讲,她告诉我说,这是 正常的,你会慢慢的习惯的。当时我把自己归为刚毕业,不懂事,知道“天下没有不散的宴席!”, 但是还是没有办法去适应。 我觉得以后会慢慢适应的。

然后,我离开了,跟我一起离开的有WX和YZ。我来到了加拿大,WX去了香港。我们都是上学。YZ出去创业了。然后是Lisa Li,她移民到了澳大利亚。YZ是我进IBM之后的Mentor,WX和我同一年入的职。Lisa是跟我很投脾气的一个人。我们都是一起工作一起玩的很要好的同事,也是很要好的朋友,至少我认为。当时可能因为本身自己离开,所以对于这次的离别没有什么非常的感触。


这一切就是发生在我来加拿大到现在,整整一年的时间!我感慨的2011-2012, 这是一个变动的时期,这是一个多变的时代。这一切都变得太快太快了,就像演电影一样!我无法平息我现在的心情,真的无法平息!

我希望我们还能再见面,我真的是打算着过年的时候回去看你们的!你们都离开的太快了!我的朋友们,无论你们走到世界的哪 个角落,希望你们一切安好!!

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