Mobile Application Development (4) – Native App

There are some references about tutorials,  examples and source code. Reading it by order  will give you some confidence.

1 Make your first Android App:

2 Build an application in 6 steps:

3 Map Support :

My Map Location

Very useful for checking the map:

4 Android Coding

5  Android Code Path

6  Refer from (stackoverflow) All of the applications delivered with Android (Calendar, Contacts, Email, etc) are all open-source, but not part of the SDK. The source for those projects is here: (look at /platform/packages/apps). I’ve referred to those sources several times when I’ve used an application on my phone and wanted to see how a particular feature was implemented.

7  Android examples:

How to use the sample code in Android–mobile-12528

8  Exampes classified by different categories

9 Android developer website (



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Mobile Application Development (3) –HTML5,CSS &javascript

1 javascript

2 HTML 5

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Mobile Application Development (2)

1 Setup Development Environment for Andriod native app development

  • JDK + Eclipse + Android development plugin
  • Install Andriod SDK, then install the others with Andriod SDK manager.
  • Configure Andriod SDK Location in Eclipse: Windows->preference
  • Set Android Virtual Device.: Windows->AVD

2 Technologies


3 learning Materials

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Mobile Application Development (1)

This page is to introduce the applications in Mobile Development.

1 不严格的讲,这里有两种app:native app 和web app

  • App运行速度更快
  • App可以更省带宽
  • App支持离线操作
  • App访问本地资源
  • App可以去中心化
  • Web部署成本很低
  • Web学习成本很低
  • Web跨平台和终端

2 有一个很值得推荐的的slide介绍了很多种app的开发优缺点


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iSCSI related

1 How to install iSCSI initiator in win2003  with a configuration file. Refer to

2 how to do ISCSI development

3 The NICs configuration:

3 ISCSICLI Commands

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Python Web Application Development

1 IDE: Eclipse+PyDev plugin + PyLint; IPython for Command Line

2 Some other useful plugins in Eclipse

  • Aptana – either as a plugin or as an alterntive to Eclipse (extra features in commercial)
  • Mylyn – Task management, often included already. Integrates with lots of other task managers
  • Subclipse – SVN client built into eclipse
  • Goto file – Open files in current project quickly with keyboard
  • Multi Clipboard – Management of the last X things you cut / pasted

3. Techniques: Python + Diango + HTML/CSS(Bootstrap) + Javascript (jQuery, backbone.js, angular.js)

4. Tutorials: In this link,, it mentions the different levels.






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Inno Setup Installer

Recently, I have been working on developing the installer on Windows. The development tool is Inno script studio, and the compilation tool is Inno setup. Here is some reference information during development.

Here is a website I recommend to introduce the tips and tricks.

Several serious things should be mentioned:

WMIC: is another thing which is involved in the installer development.I will document it here:

Example of WMIC:

As the output from command line is in Unicode, I have to convert it to ASCII because of the inno setup. I used “type <source file> > <destination file>”

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